Mining Containers

  • UL electrical certification for 20-foot mining containers

    Accommodates 210 BitmainS19 series with Schneider and ABB circuit breakers, U.S. standard PDUs, with the unit operating safely in Georgia, Arkansas, and Tennessee
  • CSA certified 40ft crypto mining container

    Tianqi 40 feet mining container, CSA certification for the entire container, can be put up to 315 mining machines, the actual can install 380 mining machines, the switch capacity standard reached 1611A, the actual can carry 2000A.

    The 20-ft mining box of TIANQI Mining is CSA certified, plug and play, the maximum number of built-in mining machines can put 189 S19 pro, designed to carry up to 950A, and use a one-hole PDU, due to the excellent production capacity, Apocalypse has sufficient stock supply, the fastest 72 hours can
  • 20ft Air Cooling Mining Container

    The whole containers is certified by CSA Up to 189 pcs Bitmain Antminer S17, S19, S19 Pro Placement for up to 600kW of ASICs Plug and Play in stock