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About Us

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Xuzhou Tianqi Mining Technology Co., Ltd.

What is a mining box?

Since October 31, 2008, ID Satoshi Nakamoto has used a nine-page paper to create the equivalent of one trillion yuan of Bitcoin out of thin air. Since then, in this completely decentralized anonymous network, there has been a systematic reward for anyone who works out the answer according to the consensus mechanism PoW: Proof-of-work and is the first to complete the block packing node. The reward is 12.5 bitcoins now, or about $85,000. This process known as "mining".

The nature of proof-of-work is exhaustive. The stronger ability of your device's computing is, the higher possibility of calculating the answer. In the early days, miners used CPUs and GPUs to mine separately. With the increase in computing power, mining pools that gather a lot of people's computing power have emerged. The mining pool has a greater chance of calculating the answer and getting rewards, so that everyone gets the reward and the share also increased. At the same time, the problem also appeared,:a large number of miners stacked together, which generate and produce a lot of noise and heat, huge power consumption. There is an important trouble is very difficult to transport, because there are too many miners and equipment line. So the mine box was born.

Our mission is to create an open financial system for the world.

This containerized mining container provides miners with a more efficient solution than warehouse mining. A big part of the cost of cryptocurrency mining comes from electricity consumption and warehouse costs. Containerized mining containers can be easily transported to trucks and transported to wherever you want to go with low power. It is not restricted by the site, and has strong mobility, and is cost-effective as well as recyclable.

Tianqi Mining has ended the past history of making mining boxes with container refit. It uses new lightweight steel to produce mining boxes, making them more sustainable and lightweight. In addition, we have built cryptocurrency mining containers that can host both ASIC and GPU miners to meet the needs of every customer. If you need a 40-foot container, a specially customized mining box, or a variety of special requirements, in Tianqi, any demands will be met. In 2020, our newly developed detachable mining box and oil-cooled mining box have been shipped and put into use by the customer.

What do we do

"We are a company that specializes in the most basic services of Bit-coin. Its business is divided into two categories: Producing various specifications of mobile mining boxes, supplying the  second-hand mining machines lower than market prices"

What do we do

What do we do?


"Self introduction"

Hi! this is Tianqi Mining. We are a company specializing in the production and sale of cryptocurrency mobile mining box and used mining machine. We have a manufacturing factory of about 3,000 square meters, producing and exporting various specifications of mobile mining boxes required by customers in Xuzhou China. We can customize mining boxes according to the customer's parameter demand. Of course, we also have a large number of mobile mining boxes which are used in the Chinese market in stock. Welcome to visit our factory! We also provide on-site installation and maintenance services according to your needs. In short, Tianqi will provide you a full set of solutions for everything you need in mining cryptocurrency,

Our own resources attract a lot of Chinese mine owners and big miners, so we can easily find second-hand mine resources at the lowest price. Therefore, we have enough advantages to find the mining machine you need in the mining machine market. We guarantee with the honor of our company: every Bit-coin mining machine we send is tested by our own team, and we can ensure the normal operation of each mining machine.

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